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About Arthur Aron

Arthur Aron (born July 2, 1945) is a professor of psychology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He is best known for his work on intimacy in interpersonal relationships, and development of the self-expansion model of motivation in close relationships. more on wikipedia

The Love Game: 36 Questions For Falling in Love 1st Edition

Can 36 Questions make anyone fall in love with you? Turns out science says yes. The Love Game™ is based on the proven research of Dr. Arthur Aron in the area of rapid intimacy.
Created to be read with a partner over an hour or two, The Love Game™ guides you through a series of 36 increasingly intimate questions, designed to create a context for increased connection and vulnerability.

Handbook of Closeness and Intimacy 1st Edition

This handbook brings together the latest thinking on the scientific study of closeness and intimacy from some of the most active and widely recognized relationship scholars in social and clinical psychology, communication studies, and related disciplines.
Each contributing author defines their understanding of the meaning of closeness and intimacy; summarizes existing research and provides an overview of a theoretical framework; presents new ideas, applications, and previously unstated theoretical connections; and provides cross-references to other chapters to further integrate the material.

Statistics for Psychology, 6th Edition

Statistics for Psychology, 6th edition places definitional formulas center stage to emphasize the logic behind statistics and discourage rote memorization.
Each procedure is explained in a direct, concise language and both verbally and numerically.

MyStatLab is an integral part of the Statistics course. MyStatLab gives students practice with hundreds of homework problems. Every problem includes tools to help students understand and solve each problem - and grades all of the problems for instructors. MyStatLab also includes tests, quizzes, eText, a Gradebook, a customizable study plan, and much more.

The Maharishi Effect: A Revolution Through Meditation

Argues that groups of people practicing transcendental meditation can use their consciousness to influence the world, describes actual experiments, and explains what can be done to improve the world using this technique

The Heart of Social Psychology: A Backstage View of a Passionate Science